Volkswagen promises it will have a sub-€20,000 battery electric vehicle (BEV) within a few years.

The pledge came as it revealed the smallest of the ID electric range to date.

It’s called the ID.2all concept and it is due on the market in 2025. Significantly, it will cost under €25,000, though I imagine it will cost more than that in Ireland due to our motoring taxes.

The new car has a 226PS electric motor and a range of up to 450km.

It will also have several hi-tech elements on board.

Its long wheelbase and short overhangs generate lots of interior space. So, think Golf room in a Polo frame.

However, that necessitates overhauling the MEB platform on which IDs are currently being built. The result is the first front-wheel drive ID electric car.

Emphasising space in the tidy frame, it says it will have a 490-litre boot (that’s impressive and it expands to 1,330 litres with the rear seats folded).

The ID.2all is the latest part of Volkswagen’s electric offensive to have 10 new EV models on sale by 2026 – it’s only around the corner.

Despite the “challenges” on quality and bottom-line costs, it is also working away on a BEV that will cost under €20,000 (assume higher Irish price).

Undoubtedly, the ID.2all provides insight into how and where it wants to take its EVs – “close” to buyers, with hi-tech and design.

It is all about speeding up bringing “electric mobility to the masses”.

And design will be a big part of the emerging fleet.

In the case of the ID.2all, it is revising the look and shape of the rear pillars thanks to the original Golf look.

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